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Our tips for letting to student tenants

Our Latest Blogs

For landlords, letting to students can lead to good rental yields and straightforward annual contracts but it is important to get this right from the start.

New student tenants moving in?

  1. Choose the right agreement. Will you be issuing a Single or Joint Tenancy agreement? This means different liabilities and responsibilities for the tenants so ensure that tenants are clear on your expectations in the property.
  2. Conduct a thorough check...Read more

Keep your property and tenants safe

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With the weather heating up, and windows and doors being left open, opportunistic thieves are on the lookout for easy targets. As a landlord, there are various measures you can take to secure your property and protect your tenants.

Burglaries are uncommon, but most burglaries take place through doors and open windows.

So what can you do to protect your property?

Burglar alarms

It is not a legal requirement to have a burglar alarm in a property,...Read more

Harmonious holiday season – our top tips

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With the countdown to Christmas nearly at an end, it is a good time to consider any potential festive fallout with your tenants and property this season. With forward planning and communication, you can ensure that you all have a harmonious holiday season.


Make sure that your property is prepared for winter


It is extremely important to ensure that your property is prepared for the harsh winter weather, especially over Christmas and into...Read more

Taking care of your property this winter

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Winter is coming! With the temperature starting to change it is important to make sure that your property is well prepared for the coming winter months.

To stop your property succumbing to harsh winter weather take a look at our top property care tips.


Inspect your roof and guttering


Strong winter winds can have a detrimental effect on the quality and structure of your roof, such as exposing loose tiles, cladding and even causing damage resulting ...Read more

Are you keeping your tenants informed?

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Based on feedback we’ve gathered from our members we have created a series of guides for your tenants to help reduce deposit disputes caused by easily prevented problems.

You may want to pass these guides to tenants, as educating your tenants can save you both time and money and so is mutually beneficial.

Our guides cover common areas in which we often find a deposit dispute occurring at the end of a tenancy, but may not have been aware of at the start of the tenancy, or that ma...Read more

Avoid summer issues in your property

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With summer well and truly underway it is important to consider maintaining your property in order to keep it in a good condition and avoid any problems further on in the year. Many people assume that maintenance is only really necessary during winter months where leaky roofs and broken boilers pose the biggest risk. The truth is that summer months also come with their own set of problems which could cost you if left unattended.

Here are some of our best tips to avoid summer problems in...Read more

Top Property Maintenance Tips For Spring

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Now the days are getting longer and spring is officially upon us, it’s a great time to spring clean in preparation for summer.

Here’s our top tips for property maintenance for when you start your spring cleaning.


  • Check Your Guttering

Check for loose and leaky gutters to make sure they are ready for any spring showers. Blocked gutters can lead to leaks inside the property and this type of water damage expensive to fix.


Midterm Property Inspection – The Essentials

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The purpose of a midterm property inspection is to evaluate the condition of a property during the tenants stay.

If something is wrong with the property, it should be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

To prepare make sure you write down any questions or topics that you want to discuss with the tenant and ask your tenant(s) to do the same

Why are midterm inspections necessary?

They represent a chance to review the property’s condition, addres...Read more

Show Your Tenants the Love this Valentine’s Day – and All Year Round

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Since today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it’s a good idea to share appreciation to great tenants.

So, how can you show your appreciation for these great tenants?

Well, the first and foremost thing to do is simply show your gratitude and the simplest way of doing so is to say Thank You!

Say “Thank You” for rent being paid on-time.

Always be responsive

Try to be quick to respond to their queries. Quick responses will help to ease the mind...Read more

Identifying the Ideal Tenant for Your Property

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As a landlord letting a property, finding the right tenant is one of your most important challenges.

Let’s take a look at real life examples and break them down so that you can identify your ideal tenant.

A tenant check or referencing can help identify the right tenant, you may want a short term or long term tenant. Here’s some indicators to look out for.

Short term let tenant indicators:

  • Moving temporarily to in a different area for business ...Read more
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