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Top tips for dealing with fair wear and tear

Our Latest Blogs

Head of Dispute Resolution at mydeposits Jersey, Suzy Hershman offers her top tips and guidance when dealing with wear & tear


For a long time, the issue of fair wear and tear has been very much a grey area. Landlords and tenants often disagree over what is classed as fair or excessive damages which often leads to deposit disputes.

Fair wear and tear has been defined as “Reasonable use of the premises by the tenant and the ordinary operation of natural forces...Read more

Rent in advance vs deposits

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Eddie Hooker, mydeposits CEO, shares his thoughts on taking rent in advance instead of a deposit.

I’ve followed the recent news discussions in Jersey about taking advanced rent versus taking a deposit with interest, so before I share my thoughts it’s worth a quick recap on the purpose of the law.

Why was TDP introduced?

Tenancy Deposit Protection has been introduced by the States of Jersey as part of number of measures aimed at improving the rental sector. Landlords un...Read more

7 Winter Property Maintenance Tips

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Maintaining your property is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of being a landlord. This becomes even more apparent in winter due to the new host of issues its infamous weather brings us each year.

The reality of such property problems during winter can feel daunting to face alone, which is why we’ve come up with 7 tips to help you maintain your property in the cold and harsh conditions that we all bear each year.

Hopefully our tips will either help you feel m...Read more

Frequently asked questions from dispute workshops

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Following our recent dispute workshops with Jersey residents, we wanted to share the answers to some of the most common questions that were raised across the two days; 

  1. How do I lodge a deposit?
    A video on how to lodge and protect a deposit online will be available on the mydeposits Jersey website from Monday 2 November. Your member welcome pack contains all the information you need to get started and the simple-step-by-step process on our website will ensu...Read more

Protecting the deposit

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Tenancy deposit protection (TDP) legislation has been introduced by the States of Jersey to protect tenants’ deposits. We’ve received a few questions on how we, in turn, keep the deposit money safe whilst we’re holding it, and also what happens to the interest generated by the deposit.

Firstly, mydeposits had to undertake a detailed tender process, which placed a major emphasis on demonstrating our sound financial standing to the States of Jersey.

How we hold the dep...Read more

Welcome to mydeposits Jersey

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I’m delighted to announce that today we have signed contracts with the States of Jersey to run a tenancy deposit protection scheme in Jersey for the very first time.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all landlords, letting agents and tenants to the scheme.
The legislation has been introduced by the States of Jersey to help to improve tenant and landlord relationships within the private rented sector and stop tenant’s deposits from being unfairly withheld at th...Read more

What you need to know about the legislation

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Tenancy deposit protection (TDP) legislation goes live on 2 November in Jersey. Here's a quick overview of what it means for tenants, landlords and letting agents and how it will help to improve the private rented sector in Jersey.

What is tenancy deposit protection?

Tenancy Deposit Protection has been introduced to:

  • Help to reduce the number of unfairly held deposits,
  • Ensure that deposits are kept securely, in ...Read more
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