Scheme information leaflet

Scheme information leaflet: Important guidance for landlords, letting agents, and tenants

With over a decade of experience safeguarding deposits in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, we’re now here to support Jersey’s housing sector.


Discover deposit protection:

The State of Jersey has introduced the Residential Tenancy (Deposit Scheme) Regulations 2014, requiring Landlords to protect deposits with mydeposits throughout the tenancy.


How it works:

Our streamlined process ensures protection, release, and dispute resolution. Join, lodge, protect, release, and resolve – all with our user-friendly system.


Deposit release:

The deposit release process is designed for efficiency, ensuring both parties’ agreement. In case of disputes, our free alternative dispute resolution service (ADR) helps settle matters without court intervention.


Tenant fees and compliance:

Learn about administration fees, compliance penalties, and the crucial role of preparing for deposit protection to ensure a seamless tenancy.

We’re here for you: If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at