Deadline for tougher buy to let laws only days away

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Jersey buy to let landlords will have to provide homes that meet minimum letting standards when new rules come into force from October 1.

The strict new rules tighten up the buy to let market on the island.

From October 1, landlords must have accreditation for listing on a States approved online database. Any landlords that gain fewer than three stars will be removed from the database.

Minimum letting standards will follow decent home rules in force across the rest of the UK.

The standards aim to improve basic living conditions for tenants. If a home falls below the minimum standard, environmental health officers can order repairs, serve notices that ban renting out the home or prosecute landlords in the courts.

Environment Minister John Young said: “I have been told the team will have the resources in place to be able to regulate this without additional resources.

“They have re-organised over recent years to try to focus on these important areas and they are going to operate it with a light touch.

“There was a danger that some rented properties could become ‘lost’ if landlords did not choose to carry out works to meet minimum standards but that he expected these to be exceptions rather than the norm.”

The States voted for minimum standards by 39 votes to zero.

To meet Jersey minimum homes standards, letting properties must:

  • be in a reasonable state of repair
  • have reasonably modern facilities and services
  • have efficient heating and effective insulation

Landlord accreditation on Jersey is called Rent Safe. To qualify for a three star standard, a landlord must show that letting properties meet minimum home standards and that they deal with complaints from tenants quickly and effectively.

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