Everyone’s happy with housing despite objections over costs

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Jersey tenants and homeowners are happy with their housing despite grumbles over the cost of renting or buying a home on the Channel Island.

A recent petition protest garnered 5,298 signatures calling for rent controls - the biggest response ever to an online petition run by the States.

And many voters have complained about rising house prices that are beyond the reach of some families on average incomes.

Despite this the Jersey Better Life Index, a report taking data from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), an international government think-tank found that a staggering 96 per cent  said they were ‘very or fairly’ happy with their housing, a 3 per cent increase on the last survey six years ago.

Only 1 per cent were ‘not at all satisfied’ and another 3 per cent  ‘not very satisfied’.

However, housing costs in Jersey eat around 26 per cent of average household income – making it the second most expensive of 39 OECD countries, just behind New Zealand and three places ahead of the UK on 24 per cent. The OECD average was 20 per cent.

Living space was higher than average, measured as 2.1 rooms for each householder, compared to an OECD average of 1.8. Jersey came sixth, while the UK was ninth with a shade under two rooms for each person living in a house.

Overall, Jersey scored 6.8 out of 10 for housing, coming 19th out of 39 countries, which was better than average but worse than the UK and France.

The island ranked in the top 10 for work, earnings, health and community but bottom for civic engagement. Civic engagement is based on the number of voters turning out for elections.

The net adjusted disposable income was $25,300 - lower than the OECD average of $30,600.

Norway, Sweden and Denmark topped the rankings in that order, while South Africa, Mexico and Turkey propped up the table.Read the full Better Life Report for Jersey.

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