Government announces delay in Jersey tax return processing

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Landlords are facing delays in finding out whether they owe tax or should expect a refund due to Revenue Jersey switching taxpayer records to a new computer system.

The tax office has a backlog of returns dating back several months, according to a spokesman.

Revenue Jersey is currently processing short returns filed in March and more complicated returns received in February.

Controller of Taxes, Richard Summersgill, explained that the target for issuing assessments to taxpayers is generally the end of October, but he expects the deadline to be put off until at least Christmas this year.

“As forewarned over the last year, we are running behind on processing tax returns because of the recent move to our new system,” he said.

“As we process each tax return, we are undertaking additional vital tasks to make sure that the new system holds as much information as possible about individual taxpayers. This is good for islanders in the long run, because it will improve the services they can access from Revenue Jersey.” 

Summersgill apologised for the delay and is pleading with taxpayers not to chase their tax returns.

“We’re sorry that our services will be disrupted over the next few months,” he said.

“We understand that the delays are frustrating, but the new system will bring a positive benefit for the future: allowing islanders to file online from next year. Most customers who choose that option will receive their tax assessments within minutes.

“Islanders can help us to reduce service delays by not repeating requests or enquiries.”

The latest information about tax return processing is regularly updated on the Revenue Jersey web site.

Revenue Jersey processes around 4,400 tax returns and collects £800 million from taxpayers each year.

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