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With the weather heating up, and windows and doors being left open, opportunistic thieves are on the lookout for easy targets. As a landlord, there are various measures you can take to secure your property and protect your tenants.

Burglaries are uncommon, but most burglaries take place through doors and open windows.

So what can you do to protect your property?

Burglar alarms

It is not a legal requirement to have a burglar alarm in a property, however, this is a great way to deter potential intruders and can also make the property more appealing to potential tenants. Alarms signal attention, which burglars really don’t want!


Doors should be highly secured and solid. There should be a British Standard 5-lever mortice lock 5-lever mortice lock one-third of the way up plus an automatic deadlocking rim latch one-third of the way down. You should also attach hinge bolts that are fitted to outward opening doors to ensure further protection from forceful entry.

It is imperative to make sure tenants understand how to secure the property and double lock the door using a mortice lock when leaving the property.

Don’t forget about patio doors as they are often vulnerable to break in and should also be adequately secured. If leaving doors open on a hot day make sure that if you leave the property or go upstairs you close and lock doors to prevent opportunistic thieves.

Spy holes and Security chains

Spy holes are a great way to identify who is knocking on your door without them being able to see you. Security chains attached to the door also add an extra layer of security. This is especially valuable for vulnerable or elderly tenants.


Remind tenants about the importance of not leaving windows open when leaving the property. Open windows are an easy target as they are generally easier to access than doors. 

For easily accessible windows, handles should have multi-locking with shoot bolts installed in the frame. If not, surface mounted, key operated window locks should be fitted (except if the window is being used as a fire escape).

For any externally beaded PVCu and aluminium windows they will also need to be secured with security clips, security tape or sealant.


CCTV is not an essential home-security measure but for extra security, it can be an important addition to your property. Security footage would be incredibly useful for identifying burglars should a break in occur.


Often people forget about the areas surrounding the property, however, some key changes can also help to make the area less desirable for a burglar.

States of Jersey Police suggest:

  • Keep your fences low at the front of your property – this gives thieves fewer places to hide
  • At the back and sides of the property, taller fencing provides greater security
  • Add trellis, plants and anti-climb toppings to your fences as a deterrent
  • If you have a driveway or pathway consider making this gravel so you can hear anyone approach
  • Don’t leave easily accessible tools around which could be used to break doors and windows
  • Consider installing a security light

You can read the full guidance offered by the States of Jersey Police service here.

Following this guidance can help you rest easy that you have taken adequate steps to ensure the security of your property and your tenants.

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