Landlord register may be introduced in the Jersey rental sector

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Proposals are currently being considered to introduce a new policy that will make it a requirement for landlords to sign up to an official register with an annual fee of £200. Landlords on the register will also have their properties inspected once a year.

The proposals for a landlord register have received some criticism from landlords and the Jersey Landlords Association, who have suggested that the impact of introducing a landlord register will not only affect landlords, but will be detrimental for tenants also.

Jersey-based landlord, Emma Paul, said that the extra costs involved with joining the register will be passed onto tenants. She commented: “There is the £200 extra charge, which isn’t just £200. It would mean an electrical inspection that is currently needed every five years would be needed every time there is a new tenant.”

“These costs will be passed on to tenants, and we are at the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t seen anything about rents going up yet, but they will go up. It is more relentless intervention from the government and people are leaving and will leave the industry.”

The licensing scheme was proposed after the Environmental Health Department reported continued complaints of unclean, poorly managed and unsafe properties after laws were introduced in 2018 to improve the minimum standards of dwellings. Since poor standards were still being reported in the area, the licensing scheme was proposed to help identify poorly managed properties.

If the proposals are brought into effect, all landlords currently renting out properties to tenants will be required to obtain a licence, and their properties will be subjected to inspections by Environmental Health.

If the proposals are passed, they will be expected to be enforced in July 2020.

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