Disputes Hub

At the end of the tenancy, if you and your tenant cannot agree over your proposed deductions to the deposit, then you may need to use our Alternative Dispute Resolution service.
Our disputes hub contains expert guidance including checklists, case studies and video guidance to help manage disputes.

pdfManaging Landlords' Expectations

A guide to managing landlord's expectations throughout the tenancy.

pdfDispute Acknowledgement Form

A printable form to acknowledge a dispute.

pdfUsing Photos and Video as Evidence
Tips for ensuring your photo and video evidence is relevant and robust in the event of a dispute with your tenants.

pdfHow to Claim for Smells in your Property

Proving a smell exists is very difficult especially when it comes to providing evidence for a deposit dispute. Find out more about how to claim for smells in your property.

pdfConditions of Deposits Disputes

pdfADR Case Study - Change of Locks
This case involved a dispute at the end of the tenancy over the costs incurred for a checkout inspection to be undertaken and to change the property’s locks.

pdfADR Case Study - Early Termination of the Tenancy
A case demonstrating the evidence required in the case of early termination of tenancy agreement and early break clauses.

pdfADR Case Study - Frozen Pipes
A case involving a frozen pipe bursting over the Christmas period, causing severe damage to the rental property.

pdfADR Case Study - Pest Infestation
An example of a dispute over costs incurred for the infestation treatment of bed bugs and the removal and replacement costs of the property’s bed.

pdfADR Case Study - Smoking in the property
A common cause of dispute whereby the landlord wishes to claim for costs for the redecoration of the property to alleviate damage caused by the tenant smoking.

pdfLetting to Tenants with pets
Best practice guidance to help avoid any unnecessary costs incurred as a result of damage to the property caused by pets, including considering additional clauses in your Tenancy Agreement.

pdfGuide to Check-in and Check-out

Tips for ensuring that you get your tenancy off to a good start with a robust check in report and helpful tips for a smooth check-out process. This guide also contains and useful printable check-list.

pdfUnderstanding Damp and Mould

A handy guide for landlords. agents and tenants to help prevent damp and mould occurring in residential property.

pdfAlternative Dispute Resolution Guide for Members

This guide explains the mydeposits ADR service. It includes steps to avoid a dispute, options to resolve a dispute and how prepare your evidence.

pdfDeposits, Disputes and Damages
An insight into dispute resolution for landlords, agents and tenants.

pdfRules of claiming for deposit deductions
The handy guide which covers the type of issues you can and can't claim for in the event of a dispute and what you will need to support your claim.

pdfGuide to fair wear and tear
Essential considerations to take into account when calculating fair deductions at the end of the tenancy.

pdfNegotiating deposit deductions with your tenants
Negotiation is essential to help avoid a dispute with your tenant over the return of the deposit. This guide contains tips and considerations for negotiating at the end of the tenancy.

Mydeposits Jersey - An Introduction into Dispute Resolution from Jack Ojari (Press Office)
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