Our important scheme documents and useful resources are available for you to download and print.

pdfUsing Photos and Video as Evidence
Tips for ensuring your photo and video evidence is relevant and robust in the event of a dispute with your tenants.

pdfHow to Claim for Smells in your Property

Proving a smell exists is very difficult especially when it comes to providing evidence for a deposit dispute. Find out more about how to claim for smells in your property.

pdfConditions of Deposits Disputes

pdfmydeposits Jersey Member Registration Form
A downloadable PDF form designed for landlords and agents to complete and return to join mydeposits Jersey.

pdfUnderstanding Damp and Mould

A handy guide for landlords. agents and tenants to help prevent damp and mould occurring in residential property.

pdfAlternative Dispute Resolution Guide for Members

This guide explains the mydeposits ADR service. It includes steps to avoid a dispute, options to resolve a dispute and how prepare your evidence.

pdfmydeposits Jersey Scheme Rules

The rules of membership which all mydeposits Jersey members must abide by.

pdfScheme Information Leaflet

Important information for landlords, letting agents and tenants.

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