Show Your Tenants the Love this Valentine’s Day – and All Year Round

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Since today is Valentine’s Day, we thought it’s a good idea to share appreciation to great tenants.

So, how can you show your appreciation for these great tenants?

Well, the first and foremost thing to do is simply show your gratitude and the simplest way of doing so is to say Thank You!

Say “Thank You” for rent being paid on-time.

Always be responsive

Try to be quick to respond to their queries. Quick responses will help to ease the mind of your tenant who may be genuinely worried about something.

Reward them for their custom

Give the house or flat a spruce up in terms of a lick of paint, or possibly regular cleaning services. This demonstrates to your tenant that you are willing to improve the home in which they live.

It will also have a positive effect in terms of the tenant treating your property and yourself. It may also encourage them to stay with you, rather than look elsewhere.

Consider a small token of gratitude

A moving in present like a gift basket, a greeting card or a voucher will go a long way to getting your tenancy off to a good start.

Establish a good relationship from day one

Finally, you want to make sure that you treat all of your tenants professionally from day one.

The best way to show to your tenants that you do appreciate them is by treating them well all year round. Let them know that you are happy to talk to them about any concerns should they arise.

If you are unable or simply too busy for these duties, you can always outsource this by employing a property manager.

All of these techniques will ensure the longevity of your tenants, meaning you won’t have as many in-between periods without rent. These techniques will result in a healthier relationship between you and your tenants.

A model tenant is always easier to love, so take a look at our article on how to identify the right tenant for your property.

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