About Us

As Chief Executive Officer I’m delighted to welcome you to my|deposits Jersey. We were granted a licence in the Summer 2015 by the States of Jersey to run a Tenancy Deposit Scheme after an extensive period of consultation. The new legislation may seem complicated at first, which is why we are here to support you. Our deposit protection experience i_8947b7d62a66044f_html_5f20136e my|deposits Jersey is brought to you by the my|deposits group. Since 2007, mydeposits.co.uk has run an insurance based tenancy deposit protection scheme in England and Wales. Then in July 2012 mydeposits Scotland launched a custodial tenancy deposit scheme for landlords and agents in Scotland and again in April 2013 mydeposits Northern Ireland went live to safely protect tenancy deposits. We always achieve our Key Performance Indicators and provide outstanding service to all our members and tenants. Eddie Hooker, CEO

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