Is your deposit protected?

You should have been given a deposit protection certificate to show that your deposit has been protected. If you do not have a deposit protection certificate, you can use our deposit checker to see if your deposit is protected.

Is my deposit protected?
When was deposit paid

What if the search doesn't find your deposit?

If you are unable to find your deposit, it does not necessarily mean that it is not protected. Please check the details you provided and enter them again in the deposit checker. Otherwise, we recommend you contact your landlord or agent and raise any concerns with them.

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How do I get my deposit back?

How do I get my deposit back?

Step 1

End of tenancy

When you’re coming to the end of your tenancy, talk to your landlord or agent to agree an end date and discuss the deposit return. They will probably arrange for an inspection after you leave to check the condition of the property.

Having discussed the deposit return with your landlord or agent, either you or they can begin the process to release the deposit through your mydeposits Jersey online account.

If you and your landlord or agent agree on the amount of deposit to be returned, we will return it to the relevant parties. Find out more about the release process.

If you and your landlord are unable to agree and negotiations are unsuccessful, then you can raise a dispute. We offer a free and impartial alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service to help resolve disagreements. Find out more about the dispute process.

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How do I raise a dispute?

If you are unable to agree with your landlord or agent about the amount of the deposit to be returned, or you are not satisfied with their explanation for withholding the deposit, you can use our free dispute resolution service to resolve your dispute.