The dispute process

After discussing the return of the deposit and any proposed deductions, you may not agree how much should be returned. If this happens, the tenant can raise a dispute through our free alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service.


Our dispute process

Our dispute process

Step 1

Tenant begins the dispute

The tenant raises a dispute through their mydeposits Jersey online account by ‘disagreeing’ with the proposed release terms within 14 working days of their request. Find out more about the release process here.

Everyone has 10 working days to provide evidence.

Everyone has five working days to comment on each other’s evidence.

The adjudicator will then make a decision within 28 calendar days. Once the adjudicator has made a decision, we will notify everyone, and the decision will be available for you to view on your online account.

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What happens once the adjudicator has made a decision?

The agent, landlord or tenant may apply for a review within 10 working days of being notified of the decision, but only on the grounds that the adjudicator has erred in fact or in law, or both.