Landlord licensing coming for Jersey

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Buy to let landlord licensing is on the way for Jersey, a leading public servant has confirmed.

Anne Godfrey, chief executive of the UK’s Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, confirmed her backing for plans to licence landlords which were discussed at a forum for professionals and politicians.

The States intention to go forward with landlord licensing was raised by Jersey’s director of public health, Stewart Petrie.

He told the forum that landlord licensing would be part of the government’s overhaul of the private rented sector, which includes powers for government officers to enter rented homes to inspect and enforce minimum property health and safety standards.

“We will be bringing in licensing, which means we’ll effectively be saying to landlords that there’ll be grandfather rights if you’re already letting a property, so we’re not going to prevent people from renting their properties because that’s a route to eviction. But for anybody new, they will have to have a licence before they rent it out,” said Petrie.

Godfrey explained she believed landlord licensing was unavoidable.

“If you don’t have a registration scheme, which allows you to know who the landlords are, where they are and how many properties they have, then how on earth can you go and inspect? So that must happen,” she said.

The Rented Dwellings Law drafted to help improve standards in private rented homes is expected to become law before the year-end. The new rules will cover health and safety for tenants renting a home. Landlord licensing is expected to coincide with the new legislation.

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