How do I raise a dispute?

If, after requesting your deposit back and discussing the proposed deductions with your landlord or agent, you wish to raise a dispute you can do so with mydeposits Jersey. We provide a free dispute resolution service.


How to raise a dispute

The following information is for tenants whose deposit is protected with mydeposits Jersey.

Start your dispute

You can use our free dispute resolution service to resolve your dispute online. To get started, login to your account here and start the release process.

Follow the next steps to raise your dispute. However, if you still need to active your account, please click ‘activate here’ on the following page.


Presenting your evidence

For us to review your dispute, please make sure you have completed your dispute notifications claim form. You will need to upload all your evidence (including dispute details form, request for deposit return, tenancy agreement, and, if relevant, photos, check in and check out reports).

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