How It Works

Hand your deposit over as usual.

Once you and your landlord/letting agent are in agreement, hand over the deposit to them as usual.

Your landlord or agent must protect the deposit.

Your landlord or agent must lodge the deposit with mydeposits Jersey within 30 days of receiving it from you to comply with their new legal obligations.
You don’t need to do anything at this stage, its your landlord’s responsibility to protect the deposit.
We charge an administration fee
We will take a £21 administration fee from the deposit that is deducted from the total deposit amount. Speak to your landlord or agent about the fee.

We confirm the safe protection.

We will send you a Deposit Protection Certificate to confirm the deposit’s protection along with our Scheme Information leaflet that explains deposit protection. Make sure your landlord or agent has your correct email or mobile number.

We keep the deposit safe.

We hold the deposit in its own safe, secure account for the entire length of the tenancy.

Apply for the deposit release when you move out.

Speak to your landlord and agree how much deposit should be returned when you move out. Then contact mydeposits to begin the deposit release process. Your landlord/agent also needs to confirm the deposit’s release before we return it.

Disputes over deductions.

If you and your landlord cant agree over any deductions to the deposit and your attempts at negotiation fail, then you can raise a deposit dispute with mydeposits. We offer a free and impartial Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR) to resolve the issue.

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